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Program pre sezónu 2015.

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2016 Event
Easter at the Castle
25.-28.3.2015 Painting and finding eggs, competitions
Theatres for children, performances of folk ensemble Selčan
4/24/2016 Traditional archery tournament – spring part
4/30/2016 Opening Ceremony of the 20th Anniversary Season
Opening ceremony, exhibition opening
5/1/2016 Knights duels, scenes from history, games and competitions
5/7/2016 Sky Knights – Falconry shows
5/8/2016 Mothers day – theater “Rainbow” – for kids and moms
21.-22.5.2016 Welcome to the Middle Ages
Demonstrations of life in the Middle Ages, medieval camp
28.-29.5.2016 Jesters Castle
Fencing performances, skits, games and competitions for children
6/1/2016 Beckov Sun – Prize giving to the hockey legend Jozef  Golonka
Interviews, autographs, M. Čekovský concert
4.-5.6.2016 Honey Weekend at the Castle
Hives exhibition, demonstration of beekeepers work, honey tasting, theatres
11.-12.6.2016 Swordsmen and Musketeers
 Fencing duels, skits, musketeers training, games and competitions
6/18/2016 Sky Knights – Falconry shows
6/19/2016 Sunday Theater – theater performances for kids
25.-26.6.2016 Blacksmiths Festival
Forges, demonstrations of the work of artistic blacksmiths
7/1/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
2.-3.7.2016 Castrum Blundix–  ancient history of the castle and the Kingdom of Hungary
Early Medieval camp, samples of weapons and combat techniques of the 12th cent.
7/5/2016 Feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius – Festive Mass
7/7/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
9. – 10.7.2016  Matthew`s days and nights
Medieval camp, fencing performances, night scenes, games and competitions
7/15/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
7/16/2016 Sky Knights – Falconry shows
7/22/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
23.-24.7.2016 Carving art at the Castle Beckov
Woodcarvers workshop, marionette theater, demonstration of making marionettes
7/29/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
7/30/2016 Sky Knights – Falconry shows
7/31/2016  Sunday Theater – theater performances for kids
8/5/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
6.-7.8.2016 Knight’s tournament for the sword of comes Lampert 2nd
Knights tournaments , fencing duels of the earliest castle era
8/12/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
13.-14.8.2016 Beckov Princess
Beauty and skill contest, fencing scenes, games and competitions
8/19/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
20.-21.8.2016 Bellatores, oratores, laboratores – Knights, Clerics, Workmen
Duties, working and table manners at  the castle during the era of King Sigismund
8/26/2016 Cinema “On the wall” – movie
27.-28.8.2016 Knights School
Schoolchild Knighting Ceremony, games and competitions
9/3/2016 Sky Knights – Falconry shows
9/4/2016  Sunday Theater – theater performances for kids
10.-11.9.3016 Stum Feast
Bacchus at the castle,  young wine, traditional cuisine, funny scenes from history
9/17/2016 Traditional archery tournament – autumn part
24.-25.2016 Pumpkin Festival
Carving and decorating pumpkins, fencing performances, games and competitions
8.-9.10.2016 Traditional Pig Slauter
Traditional pig slauter, making and tasting traditional products, entertainment
Program subject to change
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